Arch Disciple Malurna

Boss: Arch-Disciple Malurna

Level: 30

Stars: 6

Place Holder: Elder Priest of Donn at top of stairs.

Location: Room furthest east.

Strategy: Manurla is the easiest of the three Rare Bosses, however she should not be taken lightly. Her damage output is respectable and without a good tank a back up healer will be needed. Best way to control her is to have a Druid in the group cast Shield of Bark on the tank and Howling Wind on her. After doing this her damage will be very easy to keep up with. She has a lot of hp and without good damage dealers the fight can go for around an hour. A four man team of 40+ can take her down. Keep in mind that a healer and a tank are essential if your team is in their 40s.

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