Arch Disciple Syrus

Boss: Arch-Disciple Syrus

Level: 35

Stars: 6

Place Holder: Elder Priestess of Donn at the top of the stairs.

Location: Room furthest west.

Strategy: Syrus is a tough boss. His damage output can be overwhelming to many groups. To engage Syrus safely you should have your tank pull him to the corner when the roaming monster is at the far wall. This will link the monster in the stairs, have your damage dealers kill the link before moving to Syrus. In the mean time the tank should spam taunt until he/she runs out of energy. This will give the damage dealers some time to damage him before getting his attention. When the damage dealers build enough hate to get Syrus's attention have them log out and log back in. This will reset their hate and make Syrus go back to the tank. A Healer is very important in this fight. A Druid casting Shield of Bark on the tank and Howling Wind on Syrus will make the fight manageable. The Druid should have maxed Meditate with high First Aid Ability to regain energy between heals. Remember Meditate will stay on as long as the player doesn't melee, it won't turn off if you buff or heal(it will turn off when cating Howling Wind). Syrus has a lot of health, strong damage dealers will speed up the fight considerably. Back up healer is recommended.(A Ranger with high First Aid Ability can be very useful in this fight). A four man team of 45+ should have no problem taking him down.

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