2The Map gives you the bird's eye view of the world of Celtic Heroes. From here you can see any fast-travel points that you have discovered, as well as your own location, the locations of any traders, trainers, and much more.

To access the map, select the Map button from the menu. From here you'll be taken to an overview of your current area. The large red markers indicate 'zone point' - areas where you can travel to other zones, while the smaller red pins indicate fast-travel points. By tapping the large markers, you will be taken to the respective map, while tapping the pins that represent fast-travel points will make you travel to that location. Only fast-travel points that you have already discovered will be shown on your map.

There are certain level mobs in each area and I will be putting these up when I have the time.

Lir's Reach

Farcrag Castle


Crookback Hollow

Dustwither Catacombs

Shalemont Ravine




Fingal's cave

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