During your adventures in Celtic Heroes, you will encounter many different types of weapons and armor that your character can use or wear. Most weapons and armor can be used by any character, but there are a few things to be aware of when choosing what to equip.

Class Restrictions: Some weapons and armor can only be used by a certain class. The armour set that you start with, for example, is specific to the class that you have chosen. If you have a piece of class-specific equipment, you will only be able to use it if you are the right class.

Stat restrictions: Some weapons and armour have stat restrictions on them. You will only be able to use the equipment if you have the required statistics. Typically, the statistics required depend on the function of the weapon or armor piece - a giant piece might require a lot of points in strength, while a powerful magic wand might require a lot of points in focus.

Weight: Although weight is not a restriction as such, it is an important factor in choosing what weapons and armour you use. Every equippable item has a weight value associated with it. This adds up on your stats page. Weight affects your total energy pool, and therefore your ability to use skills. Heavily skill-oriented classes like Mages and Druids will want to stay light to maximize their energy, while Warriors may prefer to sacrifice some of their energy pool in exchange


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