Boss: Name of the Boss (already done)

Level: Boss's level (the higher, the harder it is)

Stars: The star rating of the monster. (insert how many * * * * * *) (The higher the star rating the better the loot and harder it is to kill it).

Place Holder: Monster that must be killed for the boss to spawn.(such as squires and priests)

Approximate Spawn Time: The estimated time that the boss/mob will reappear/spawn again.

Location: Where the place holder/Boss is located. (include area and how to get to it from which leystone)

Strategy: Tips and tricks to make the boss fight as easy as possible.(Levels provided are guidelines to provide a run with the highest chance of success) (Approximate level minimum to defeat mob)

Lir's Reach Bosses

Crookback Hollow Bosses

Dustwither Catacombs Bosses

Shalemont Bosses/Defectors

Stonevale Bosses

Otherworld Bosses

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