Dicing is a risky way of making gold fast. It can help or hinder the player by draining all reserves or getting rich quick. It is quite popular and now and again you might see a "dicer" shouting "GI Pot 5k (insert name)" or something similar. Be wary if you turn down the dicers path. Dicing involves giving the dicer some money for the game and it is very easy to be scammed. For a video on dicing visit this Youtube video from the wired controller (Skenkee, Rosmerta) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAwkw6cColo (All vid rights go to him)

Normal rules for dicing

Key things to know

60x2 = if the roll is over 60, the dicer will double your money and give it back
50x2 = if the roll is over 50, the dicer will double your money and give it back
Pot = what you will get back if you win
Maximum/max.= the highest bet allowed
Minimum/min. = the lowest bet allowed

In dicing, the first thing that happens is you give the host your bet after knowing the rules. After this, the dicer will roll. If it is over the predetermined amount, u win

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