Farcrag Castle Npcs

Abernethy the Archer

Adyna the Mage

Altus the Warrior

Blair the Archer

Blaze the Duelist

Bowen the Horsemaster

Brady the Guard

Broc the Warrior

Cori the Rogue

Court Physicians Emrys

Deira the Cobbler

Devla Mathanach

Eavan the Druid

Emilia the Mage

Finnigan the Ranger

Frang the Rogue

Galway the Sage

Gate Captain Grun

Godfrey the Warrior

Gregor the Innkeeper

Griss the Ranger

Jean the Jeweller

Katherine Dunmore

Knox the Mage

Leland the Druid

Lord MacLir

MacLir Guard

Molly the Rogue

Nairn the Guard

Orlak the Mage

Piranus the Mad

Sandow the Strong

Segorax the Gladiator

Segna the Scholar

Vika the Skilled


(Armour Trader) Nevin the Armourer

(Item Trader) Angus MacLir

(Luxury Item Trader) Quigley the Merchant

(Weapon Trader) Fergus the Blacksmith


(Axe Trainer) Ragnar the Axemaster

(Blunt Trainer) Harry Hammers

(Bow Trainer) Finnigan the Ranger

(Dagger Trainer) Molly the Rogue

(Hand to Hand Trainer) Stony Morgan

(Ice Magic Trainer) Knox the Mage

(Novelty Trainer) Fuggles the Jester

(Staff Trainer) Leland the Druid

(Sword Trainer) Godfrey the Warrior

(Wand Trainer) Emilia the Mage

Skill Merchant's

(Skill Merchant) Cathal the Ranger

(Skill Merchant) Glamora the Warrior

(Skill Merchant) Knavelaw the Rogue

Spell Merchant's

(Spell Book Merchant) Aspen the Druid

Storage Merchant's

(Banker) Baldwin the Banker

Event Planner's

(Birthday Event) Fergal the Festive

(Birthday Event) Hamish the Hatter

Fashion Merchant's

(Female Fashion Merchant) Muriel the Tailor

(Male Fashion Merchant) Sandy the Tailor

(Ragged Fashion Merchant) Bogan the Ragged

Transformation Merchant's

(Goblin Merchant) Grumpit the Crookback

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