Gold Farming

There is a weak person at shalemont ravine who is like lvl 36 and gives 500 gold but doesn't spawn very often. Also you can do easy quests that give money or farm bosses that often spawn near the tavern

A few NPCs give out repeatable quests that can be done to gain gold in the long term.

Blind Old Erskine
This NPC's quest can be unlocked by talking to a women at the door of the tavern, then telling him his dog's fur is of the colour gold. This begins a quest line to retrieve Erskine's smuggled goods. At the third quest, also the repeatable quest, he gives a set amount of gold and experience for killing Jotun Alemaster. This is can quickly done by fast traveling to the Northern Peninsula, approaching the Norse Encampment from the front. After killing Jotun Alemaster, fast travel back to the eastern docks to complete the quest. A complete round of this quest takes approximately 2-4 mins.

Connacht Soldiers
The Shalemont Ravine Connacht soldiers drop valuable loot, such as brooches, goblets, tunic pieces and valuable rings. These loot sell for 3-7 gold each and is a convenient way to earn money while grinding levels.

AFK auto-attack
This is an old technique from 2011-2012, not many people still use it, but can still be utilised fluidly when needed. This involves going to Crookback Hollow and stationing oneself among aggressive goblins. The device can then be set down alone. Goblins used to have a high drop rate of gems, especially seen in Crookback Runts. Drop rates, however, may have been altered and results may differ from those seen in the past.

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