Incarnation Of Donn

Boss: Incarnation of Donn

Level: 40

Stars: 6

Place Holder: Elder Priest of Donn at the top of the stairs.

Location: Room furthest north.

Strategy: Incarnation is the strongest of the three Rare Bosses. His damage output is the highest in game. The safest place to fight Incarnation is behind the candle on the right side of the room. A strong tank is a must have in this fight(High Vitality). The tank should spam Taunt in the beginning of the fight, this way he/she will built enough hate to keep him off the damage dealers. The damage dealers will most likely build enough hate to get Incarnation's attention. If this happens have them log out and log back in, this way their hate will reset and Incarnation will return to the tank. A Druid casting Shield of Bark on the tank and Howling Wind on the boss is a must. The Druid will need to have maxed Meditate with high First Aid Ability or sigils to keep up with the energy drain. Natures Touch will also be needed to be high level(Not needed at max). The Druid can change between Bandage Wounds and Natures Touch to keep up with Incarnation's damage. A back up healer is highly recommended(A Ranger with high First Aid Ability can make a big difference in this fight). A four man group of 45+ can take him down.

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