Quigley The Merchant (Luxury Item Trader)

Quigley, stationed in Farcrag Castle, has a wide variety of Items ranging from 20,000 coins worth, up to 200,000 coins worth. I will list the most commonly used items below. Take note that you must have 20k to look in the shop.


- The best item in the whole shop, in my opinion, would have to be the Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation. It regenerates 20 Health and Energy every 5 seconds in and out of combat, has 35 Armour, and adds 75 Health and Energy. It is 200,000 at The Vendor but you can buy off players for 150-180k.

- The Heroic Gloves of Haste are probably the second best in the shop. They add 30% Attack speed to the wearer boosting Dps a lot. it also adds 35 Armour and 50 Health and Energy. These are 150k in vendor but off a player you can buy them for 100-130k.

- The Heroic Boots of Haste are not exactly essential, but after using them you will not want to stop. They boost you're movement speed by 30% Making you run faster to spawn points, bosses,etc. These also add 35 Armour and 50 Health and Energy and are also 150k but from player you can buy for 100-130k

- Until level 50 (When you can equip the better luxury items) I would suggest a Golden Bodkin of Spirits. This Offhand regenerates 10 Health and Energy every 5 seconds in and out of combat and has 16 Pierce which multiplies in damage depending on how much strength you have.

Note: I will edit more and add pictures when I have time and get my iDevice back.

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