Rotbelch The Chef

Boss: Rotbelch the Chef

Level: 15

Stars: 5

Place Holder: Crookback Porter/Crookback Waiter next to cauldron.

Location: Room furthest east.

Strategy: Rotbelch the Chef can be difficult. There will be two Porters/Cooks/Waiters in the room with the boss. The safest way to engage is to kill the Porter/Cook/Waiter closest to the entrance then engage the boss and kill the linking Porter/Cook/Waiter. Then pull the boss away from the spawning monsters that way you can concentrate on Rotbelch. He has a lot of hp therefore prepare for a long fight. Can be done with a 3- 4 man group of level 15+. Can be done with a two man group of level 20+. Healer is highly recommended.

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