Skills are special talents and magical spells that your character can use to tip the tide of battle in their favour. Every character starts the game with one skill, which is automatically equipped. Subsequent skills have to be learned. Skills are learned by reading skill books which you will come across throughout the game.

Once you have acquired a new skill book, you will want to learn the spell. To do so, go to your inventory, tap on the skill book that you wish to use, and tap the 'use' button that appears in the information box. Once the skill has been learned, you can equip it by going to your Skills Page, where all the skills you have learned are displayed.

Once on the Skills Page, you can equip a skill by dragging it to the hotbar on the left of the screen and dropping it in one of the three slots there. Note that only three out of five hotbar slots can be used for skills, while the other two are reserved for consumable items.

The Hotbar is where all your equipped skills and consumable items are displayed for immediate use during play. Skills and items are equipped to the Hotbar through the Skills Page. Skills and items fall into three categories- they either target yourself, enemies, or other friendly players. If targeting yourself, you will automatically be selected- you need only activate the skill or item you wish to use. If you wish to use a skill or item on an enemy or ally, you will need to select them first by tapping on them.

All skills have to recharge before they can be used again. This is displayed as a red visual effect over the skill icon, which will wind down during the recharge time - during this time you will not be able to use the skill. Once the red effect has disappeared, you are able to use the skill again.

Area Of Effect Skills

These skills allow the user to Deal out damage to more than One player, also to heal and buff more than one person in your group.

Warrior Skills

Significant skills that belong to the warriors, they have self buffs and Area of effect attacks, as well as skills that can enrage mobs around them.

Rogue Skills

Have very strong attack which are significant to rogues, they have self buffs which enhance damage dealt, and highly damage able attacks.

Mage Skills

Powerful caster skills, that are significant to only mages. Mages have very good energy boost skills, as well as health preserve skills. They can cause devastating amount of damage with their AOE and single target spells.

Druid Skills

Powerful heals which are significant to the Druids, Druids have damage over time, and spell attacks. They also have AoE heal, and other buffs and single target heals and buffs.

Ranger Skills

Rangers have both healing and damage dealing skills, They are great damage dealers from ranged distances and great at healing. They also have a Damage over Time skill and debuffs.

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