Warriors are tough melee fighters, unafraid of going toe-to-toe with the most fearsome foes. They wear heavy armour that allows them to take a lot of damage, but leaves them little energy for using skills.

Warrior Skills

Pummel- Well balanced damage hit for killing the most Fearsome of Foes

Giant Swing- A devastating attack causing maximum damage to one foe

Shield Bash- A attack using your shield allowing a chance to do little damage and stun the enemy

Sweeping Blow- Attack with a huge arc, allowing you to hit multiple enemies

Frenzy- Allows you to hit with greater damage for the cost of less armour

Taunt- Gives you a chance to gain its attention and attack you instead of other allies

Warcry- This skill enrages all Foes around you making it more likely for your foes to attack you

Protective Stance- Increases your armour rating

Enduring Guard- Increases protection against physical damage Skills

Bandage Wounds- Bandages up your wounds, regaining you a satisfactory amount of Health

Meditate- Increases energy gained per tick

Recuperate- Increses health gained per tick

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